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Distribution and service

Our newly opened central distribution warehouse in Kerestinec and the fact that we own a large fleet of delivery vehicles enables us to meet the demands regarding the distribution of our products from our sales programme throughout Croatia in the shortest time possible.

We hold the ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

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For many years we have been actively dedicated to the promotion and education in the field of safe application of injection and infusion therapy by offering complete solutions to raise the level of safety of healthcare professionals, as well as patients.

As representatives of Becton, Dickinson & Co. for the  part of the programme including injection and infusion therapy products, we have cooperated with our partners in the the creation of protocols, setting the standards and joint improvement of the daily practice.


Data obtained by hemodynamic monitoring are of crucial importance for the care and assessment of the course of therapy for critically ill patients. Therefore, it is extremely important to use the products whose performance and features are known, keeping in mind that the accuracy of the data obtained depends on all the system parts used - pressure converter, central venous catheter, extension line and cannula.

We provide our partners with educational and practical support using the Argon Gabarith concept – science-based technology for assessing the dynamic response and overall system accuracy.

Intensive care units, operating rooms and anaesthesia are the core business of the company, so the associated consumables are an inevitable and essential part of our daily operation.

We represent the global leading manufacturers GE, BD Carefusion and Pall whose products represent the optimum combination of the latest technology achievements and require practices.



With the aim of providing our partners with complete solutions and meeting the daily demands of the work process, along with an important effect on the prevention and reduction of infection rates and improving patient safety, our offer also includes general medical consumables such as infusion filters, water sterilization filters, cannulas, suction catheters and probes.




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